Our E-COMMERCE Websites - Frequently asked questions.

The website page is referred to as static when it includes for one-path cooperation with the users. The information showing up on such pages continues same for each client i.e. its look, feel and design does not get changed according to client’s info. Unexpectedly, website page is referred to as dynamic when its highlights permit a two-way correspondence with the clients. As it were, dynamic designs are only made to encourage connection, according to the client’s information.

CaymanEcommerce.com accept payments via Mastercard/Visa Card

We enable it for you to see the progressive work. We furnish you with a username so you can sign in and screen the progress of your site but before that we assemble your website on your improvement server. Amid this stage, we support your feedback if something isn’t precisely the way in which you imagined it or in the occasion that you’ve changed your view. Once your website is given and you have given your approval, we release it live on your server and present your URL to the web search engines.

If your project already begins then we encourage first you consult with your dedicated manager assigned my caymanecommerce.com. There is a possibility for package upgradation based on requirements and working procedure.

Sure, We absolutely can help you out. Feel free to contact us and submit your requirements.

Yes! We do, We will furnish you with a gauge before starting the work for one time transforms and charge at our standard hourly rate. On the off chance that you anticipate general requirements for maintenance, one of our Ongoing Maintenance Plans may be more financially viable for you.

You will have to visit your local bank and inquire on getting an EMerchant account, this usually requires you to provide a lot of information. Once the bank provide you with the account details, you will send them to CaymanEcommerce.com whom will apply your credentials to your website using our custom payment integration.

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